Finding Trí Loches

The Legend

Almost 30 years ago the Trí Loches Covenant “disappeared” from Erie, no longer attending Hibernian Tribunal. Rumors circulated around Munster that wandering Spirits were known to have come from this covenant.

Trí Loches Journey

The Decision

A wizards council was held  with Niall, Saobhan, Sorcha, Tadhg and Tine Oighear in attendance. It was agreed upon to send a scouting party to find the location with Erik as the leader.

The Journey

The party consisted of Erik, Fian, Tia and Grim, and it journeyed the southern path to avoid the Faerie lands known to lay to the North of the Mountains. After a day of travel, as the sun dipped, they encountered a lodging. Erick announced the party’s presence, asking if they could share their roof. The man and his family agreed.  They were offered a hearty stew, with most but one delving. Towards the end of the meal a number of Erik’s party felt “very” drowsy..

Suddenly the family was standing with weapons in their hands, even the little children, all looking at the party as if they were the dinner. A melee broke out with Tia beheading one and running another through, and soon the hut was filled with bloody bodies. Erik was lightly wounded. After dragging the bodies outside, they slept in the hut.

The next morning as they set off to leave they noticed that the hut next door had many tools and was at the head of a path.  They decided to follow the path, and they found what could be a cave system.  After a bit of exploration they found it to be a mine, and down one path discovered what looked like a number of dead miners. They marked it on their map and carried on to towards the lost Covenant.


Mountain Carved

The party found a deep crevice which appears to have been carved into the Mountain.  As they approached the wind picks up, as they enter the wind pushed them back. It was hard to transverse, but they manage to reach the end.

Trí Loches Covenant

As they stepped out of the Crevice, they appeared in a large valley, which could have been scoped out of the mountain range. There were three lakes all surrounding a Covenant. On the approach to Covenant were a number of fields, setup similar to a three field system.  They could also see in the northern most distance a very tall water fall.

They approached and noticed a number of strange figures, potentially ghosts, of some variety in the fields working. The party walks around the Covenant. Seeing there are single towers with walls and the three approaches to the Covenant. Which contains four large buildings, with one being a large round tower. There appeared to be no way in.

Grim being adventurous decides to approach one of the lake banks, to see something swimming in the lake.

As they circumnavigated the core area, staying near the mountain edge they eventually came to the tall water fall, with its fast river leading into the northern most lake.

Unwilling to enter Covenant, they decided to return. On the way back Fian felt brave enough to walk up to one of the figures in the fields. He regrets it to this day. As he looked at the figure he saw it was carrying a scythe, and looked at him, he felt his own death. He shivered on the whole journey back to Covenant.

Having completed their scouting mission the party decided to return to the Covenant.

The Return

On the return journey they decide to return via the northern path.  During which they met a man covered in iron pots..


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