Return to Trí Loches part 1

The Party

The Adventure

The party journeyed to the the Trí Loches covenant (Munster) that Erick and his recon group had discovered.

They entered wind wall, it appeared to create greater force for Magi. If some effort the group made it through.

When they approached the Covenant there were many ghosts roaming in the fields and they could see many inside the walls of the covenant.


The group approached the what they saw as the front gate.  The a perfectly round tower which is perfectly smooth, not like stone tower at all. There is no apparent door, and tall smooth walls extended into the lakes.

On top of the of the tower is a ghost of a guard. When Sorcha asks if they could enter he tells them that only a Magi can open the way in.  Sorcha touches the tower and an entrance appears, in the tower.

There are four main buildings, one round tower appears to be made of the same “stone” as the gate and the others are made of wood.  One Large Storage house, one large food storage and Kitchen and a large long dinning hall.


The group approaches the storage house and skirts the banquet hall. Inside they can see some ghosts trying to setup the large tables for a banquet of some time on long tables food, they appear to not know they are dead. Suddenly many things are thrown out, include a very large bench and whole cooked pig.

Aed at the north side behind a door, decides to talk to one of the spirits, he feels its deeply sad emotion and decides to commune with it spirit. After talking to it, he gets overwhelmed by its sadness and Aed reads it the last rights, after which the clouds part and the spirit flies through the sky and into a ray of sun.

The rest of the group decide to avoid the mayhem from whirlwind in the banquet hall and approach the Magi Tower.

There is no obvious door, but there is a symbol.


Sorcha knows this symbol, outside of the tower, she casts a spell with Herbam, Terram and Aquam components and focuses at the symbol and the door opens.


Out jumps a very large wolf, in its first attack it almost kills Fian. Aed hearing his colleagues fighting something runs around the tower, and freshen powered by releasing a spirit to heaven jumps and smites the wolf in one blow.

The group together enter the tower. The first room appears to be a waiting area with large comfortable chairs and there is a large staircase that goes up and down.

Going down one level, the group find a library with a lot of mundane books, including a few diaries of the covenant dealings also is a large round table with four chairs. On the same level they find a living area with comfortable chairs and side tables and a kitchen.  There was also a room which was blocked by a crystal door which they could not get past.

Down a further level they find a living room and a long corridor whose roof became transparent and they could see the lake with many swimming humanoid creatures (possibly Nymphs), at the end was a”door” of running water through which they could not pass.

As they proceed down one more level, many of the group start to feel terror, rising to a form of horror.  A fast tactical retreat ensues. The entire group is convinced something is coming for them as they all run out of the tower.


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