Pt 2 – A boat, a boy and a few plants

The Party

The Adventure

The group sleep in banquet hall for the night, without many disturbances, someone heard a child’s laughter.

In the Morning Sorcha receives a message in her head that Erik & Arden were approaching the front gate. She lets the them in.

Reluctant to return to the tower, the group consider their options. There was an island that had three apparently perfect rounded Obelisks. The group spotted a couple boats next the pier, but their was something in the lake.

Saobhan used her Unseen Servant spell to move the boat. As she pulled the boat to lake bank, hands came out of the lake trying pulled the boat back. A tug of war ensued, through great effort Saobhan was able to get the boat to the lake bank.

As the boat was being carried to the other lake to help the cross a child jumped  into the boat. He rode while the frogs continue carry it, when they put it down. the Child jumped and ran into the Banquet Hall, giggling the whole way.

They chase the boy into a large storage warehouse, on the ground floor there are many tools and stored food in Barrels. They explore the ground level looking for the boy but to no avail. A noise comes from above and Aed climbs a ladder to find an extra level of storage and he points the boy hiding. He tries to coach the child out with little luck. Eventual the child jumps out a top floor opening and runs towards the Banquet Hall.

The group catches up with the child in the Banquet Hall, to discover him playing with another child.

They try to to talk to the boy, but he does not seem that interested. They get out of him that is name maybe “Goat”. Erik asks the “friend” what his name is and tells me the boy is called Erac and that his was Niall maybe.

Arden one of the grogs starts playing with Erac, by throwing up in the air and catching him. At some point Arden decided to throw him to Grimm, Grim fails to catch Erac, and he lands on the ground awkwardly breaking his arm.

Sorcha, binds the wound with magic. And suddenly the boy disappears along with his friend.

Erik searches around and eventually finds the two boys in the Kitchen.  He learns that:

  • That Erac speaks Norse and has a bag of rune stones
  • The boys have being here for 9 – 12 moons.
  • That he came from one of the Nordic countries
  • That is father died in a great battle at Waterford
  • That a stranger brought him here and left him.

Later that day after lunch Erik rows Saobhan to the island. She reads the symbols on the Obelisks and casts a spell with the combination.

She immediately finds herself transported to what looks like a jungle, she is surrounded by a very thick goth of trees, shrubs and plants. The floor is earth. She explores first funding an entrance to the place she is which is a waterfall.  Heading back inside she eventually finds a open laboratory, with book shelves made out of living trees and a table of a living tree.  Amongst the shelves she finds a few magical books and a diary that of Bláth.

Turning to the last pages she reads:

We have invited a new Magi – Tyd – to join our covenant, he specializes in Mentem and is of Nordic blood

Saobhan finds a room with three stones and cast the spell that brought her here, as she does one of the plants reaches out and touches her. She nearly losing control of her magic, fortunately she returns to island, but her arm is badly burned from too much magical power.

The group apprehensively enters the tower.  Heading straight up to the first level.  This room is floor of maps, with a wall full of book shelves with books and maps.  The room also contain several large thick tables. The group gets bored pretty quickly, clearly no lover of maps here. Erick however is suspicion that this room contains more than it seems, he starts looking for secret passages, the rest of the party abandoned him to his task. Just as he nearly completes the entire circuit of the room, a secret passage is released as book case moves aside. Out jumps a very large wolf, with an open mouth ready to consume Erik whole.



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