Pt 3 – What another wolf and a crystal skull

The door slides open and out jumps a 7 foot wolf, aiming straight for Erik neck. With his sword  (which he was used for tapping the bookcases) already held high, the Wolf’s fanged mouth clamped down on Erik sword.

Hearing the noise of a fangs, snarling and metal the rest of the party returns to Erik side to finish off the Wolf.

Erik leads the part up the stairs that were hidden, at the top of the stairs is an iron bound wooded door. As Erik opens the door he hears running.. Two small crystal hominids jump at him one biting his ankles the other jumping into the air, aiming for his neck. Some of party are so stunned that these little cute things would ever attack Erik, and after a short pause of puzzlement join the fray.

After a quick battle the small but fierce, crystal humanoids are smashed into little pieces of crystal. Beyond is a round room with another large door at the other side.

Opening the door they see what appears to be very deep pit, with no bottom and in the middle floats a island with a shining Crystal Skull on a large pith.

One cheeky grog throws something into the pit and it drops until they can no longer see it. Sorcha creates a spell to check to see if it is an illusion.. It appears real, but also impossible.

Saobhan conjures her unseen servant and sends it forth to collect the skull.  As the unseen servant lifts the skull, out of nowhere short arrows of lightened flame fly out of the pith, injuring many of the party members who did not dive for cover fast enough. A sizzle and burn is felt by the unlucky party members.

The party feeling defeated by this impossible defense considers going outside to find any of the ghosts to ask questions, outside they discover there are no ghosts. They believe it is because its daylight.

Unsure what to do, one bright spark comes up with the idea to use a table from the map to create cover and protection from the arrows and try again.

With help from all the groups and Erik they they move a table up and than retreat (like the cowards they are). Leaving Saobhan and Aed to cower behind the table and once again the unseen servant is conjured. As the unseen servant lifts the skull, arrows again fly out and embed the table, some of the arrow heads appear on the other side. Meeting they look up to see the unseen servant returning with the skull, success.


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