Pt 4 – Tri Loches details and the guy with the scythe

After the party fled the tower, Erik charismatically convinced the boys to talk to them.  Wrack explained that Tyr, a Norse Mentem mage on his way to join the covenant, had found Wrack and offered to take him as his apprentice.  Tyr’s lab was in the bottom of the tower.

Wrack shared the passwords within the covenant that he knew:  To enter Tyr’s lab, think of stone.  To enter the water mage’s lab, put water in your ear, put your ear to the door, and answer the question.  The wooden door to the library is opened by the phrase “open the door.”

Wrack provided some other information about the covenant: Some of the ghosts talk to him.  Some of those realize they are ghosts, some don’t.  The water mage “swam” with the water nymphs often.  Food appears in the kitchen every day; the cauldron creates food on request.

At sunset the ghost with the scythe rose out of the ground in the field.  He started doing something hard to see which seemed to cause other ghosts to appeared around him then wander off.

Wrack warned against approaching the scythe ghost.  He confirmed that the ghosts always come from the field.  He hasn’t seen the covenant’s warriors or Tye among the ghosts.  The other mages do show up occassionally and talk to the other ghosts.  The mage ghosts seemed to have a plan.

During third watch, Arden saw the scythe ghost kill a mage ghost.

Nial declared that the scythe man is the boss because he kills other ghosts.  The scythe wielder always stays in the field.

Aed gave the scythe guy last rites to no effect.  Sorcha’s attempt to lay him to rest was similarly ineffective.  Amused by the party’s efforts, the scythe guy mocked them for not recognizing Death.

No winds impeded the party’s exit from the valley with a wagon of injured party members, Wrack, and Nial.


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