Cian was born in Connacht. His mother was a giant from Fomorac. She abandoned him at birth, so he was raised by his father. His father was a kind man, and forgiving. He grew up in a small village, his father was a smith, so that’s where he learned the craft.

Cian grew up spending his time with his friend Ardan. It was when he was 12 that he began to realize that his love for his best friend was romantic and sexual, and not just friendship. Ardan noticed the same. The day after their first (and only) kiss shared in the barn at the back of the farm where Cian lived, Vikings came to the village. They burned houses, stole cattle, and took Ardan with them. Cian remembers to panic and chaos that day. He remembers fragments and details, including that the Norse had Ravens on their shields. He’s determined to one day go to Norseland to find Ardan and bring him back to Ireland, and optimistic that Ardan is still alive and well.

He has recently heard the rumour of a warhammer, Thor’s hammer, and wonders if this tool could help him to find and free Ardan.

Cian is friendly to all folk, including magi. He met Donnell and went to work for his coven in the previous year as a blacksmith. One day, the magi went to investigate a portal that had opened up in the middle of their coven. They never returned. After a fortnight, Cian took charge, lead the packing up of the coven and helped some of the covenfolk find a new job in a new coven. That’s how he ended up here, after meeting Tine. He hopes to make enough money to begin his journey to Norseland.