As a child, Conall idolized his Uncle Rory. Rory was a town guard, and Conall wanted to be just like him. Conall’s mother was a pacifist who did not approve of her brother’s profession. She refused Conall’s repeated requests for a sword of his own. She wouldn’t allow even a toy sword in her home. She insisted that having a weapon just escalates violence and makes you a target.

One evening, Conall and his mother were waylaid by a pair of muggers. While she tried to talk the muggers into letting them go, Conall snatched the knife out of one mugger’s belt. Until that point, they had been ignoring the child, who was clearly not a threat. At the yelp of “the lad’s got me knife!”, the other mugger drew his own weapon and lunged at Conall. Conall’s mother dove in front of him to pull him away and was struck by the attacker’s knife. As Conell stood there in shock, watching his mother die, the thieves grabbed everything of value and fled.

Ever since Conall has had flashbacks to his mother’s death any time he picks up a weapon. Having a weapon makes you a target.