The Túath is the clan’s social unit, it means people but includes the clan’s native territory.

The most powerful are the “five bloods”: the Ua néil of Ulster, the Máel Sechnail of Meath, the Ua Conchobair of Connacht, Mac Murchadha of Leinster and the Ua Briain of Munster.


Eraic means the social standing of mundane and is treated as a Reputation within the characters túath.


  1. Imbolic – 1st Feb -> St Brigid
  2. Beltuine – 1st May
  3. Luguasid – Beginning of Harvest
  4. Samain – 1st November -> All Saints


Irish society is divided between the daorcheile(DEER-khul-uh), those without honour and the grád flat (guy-RORD FLAH-wuh), those with honour. The daorcheile are peasants, slaves, unfree farmers or poor free farmers who own just enough to survive. the grád flat includes debt-free farmers, the nobility, priests and monks, and the professional classes of judges, doctors, and poets.


  • Bo-Aire (Bow OR yuh) Cow Lord – Petty landholder (equiv Yeoman)
  • Buanna (BOOAN – uh) Standing Solider – fights full time
  • Eachlach (EKH – lukh) Rider – Usually woman
  • Fian (FEEAH) – Military Bodyguard
  • Flaith – Irish Nobility
  • Ceiles – Minor noble – Boss usually a Flaith