There are twenty Grogs, with eight mentioned here:


Leader of sword and bow

Heard Saying:

  • “You go on ahead. I think, perhaps, I’ll support you from back here.”
  • “Does anyone have a better plan?”

Art has been fighting for a long time. Or, at least a long time for a grog. His age makes him one of the most seasoned of the warriors that work with the covenant. This fact is not without reason.

Many years ago Rónán, Art’s mentor, said to him, “The life of a warrior can be foolish and brave, but it will also be a short life”. This message always stuck with Art. He has lived by its value, tending to play situations a bit safer than his colleagues. It is because of this strategy that He has always leaned toward using ranged weapons.

While his fighting style has served him well, his reluctance to foolishly run into battle did not always sit well with some magi.  They often gave him a lot of grief.  Art payed no mind, however, quickly learning how to throw verbal jabs right back. This was a skill that many other grogs could not get away with.

Today, though still objectively a young man, Art’s prematurely greying hair and tattered leather armor gives him an air of seniority.  His gristly is beard, and general scowl juxtapose his much more cheeky and sarcastic demeanor.


Ranger with faerie blood


Lucky warrior




Large warrior with a tongue for alcohol

Heard Saying:

  • “Don’t run you cowards! It is in battle that we prove who is the best.”
  • “Now, where in this town can I find some ale?”
  • “YOu Coodn’t take mE Wif my *hiccup* Hnds tied”

Grim’s gargantuan size meant he was a natural selection for a covenant warrior. At an early age, he was hired and trained by the __ covenant.

After serving with them for only a few years, Grim’s dimwittedness and overconfidence became quite the nuisance.  On top of that, the locals were becoming increasingly tied of his drunken antics. Often inciting brawls at the local tavern. It wasn’t long before it was time for him to go.

Grim was pawned off on the Covenant of Crann Eireaball. Crann Eireaball were a new covenant in need of protection and Grim’s assistance largely outweighed his brashness. The covenant can also save a bit more as Grim generally wears very basic clothing and little armor.  He is of the opinion that armor gets in the way of his gorgeous looks.


Angry berserker


A fine swordsman with a stutter


Great with a Long spear and has a talent for Dowsing