Hibernia Tribunal

Region: Hibernia (Ireland) and nearby isles.

Covenants: Circulus Ruber, Ashenrise, Elk’s Run, Vigil, Cliffheart, Lombard, Caefloron.

Hibernia is a highly magical place with much unsettled land and large populations of faeries. Magi have been attracted to the Emerald Isle, because here they can escape much of the Dominion and have access to its rich magical resources.

The Tribunal faces two grave problems: the invasion of Hibernia by the Normans from England and the infestation of devils and diabolism.

The invasion by Normans has split the Tribunal into three groups: those that want to aid the Normans, who are more “civilized” than the natives; those that want to help the Hibernians, who are more amenable to magic than the Normans are; and those that think the magi should stay out of the war. No agreement is in sight, and as the invasion progresses, the conflict is likely to worsen.

The threat of devils and diabolism is more pressing at the moment. Recently, the magi of this Tribunal discovered that a Powerful magus from Cliffheart was a diabolist, and though a Wizards’ March was called against him, he escaped. Soon thereafter, the covenant of Ashenrise was nearly destroyed by demons. It has since been officially dedicated to researching ways to fight demons and protecting the island from their attacks.

Since the island is small, it is easy for magi to travel to the Tribunal; it draws a higher proportion of its magi than any other Tribunal in the Order. Many of them come just to meet old friends and talk about the atrocious behavior of the younger magi, while some are deeply involved in the political events threatening the Tribunal from within as well as from without.

The Macgnímartha

Young Magi in Hibernia undertake the Macgnímartha or youthful exploits: a short period between apprenticeship and becoming a magus when the apprentice leaves protection of his covenant and spends a year or more without the support of parens.

She has not sworn the Oath, does not know Parma Magic and is considered outside of Hermetic law. Most test their powers vanish faeries, some engage mundanes and other try their luck against Hermetic targets. In this last case items successfully stolen from convents are usually ransomed back. Remembering their own youthful exploits, magi rarely treat those in the Macgnímartha harshly.